Compass Leadership

Systems and structures are in place to support the vision and action plans in delivering transformational change

Standards and Behaviours

Leaders focus on Critical Reflection as a means of Continuous Improvement

  • Formal processes exist for critical reflection
  • Continuous improvement is a priority and systems support this

The implementation of the vision is equally applied and ethical and is thus considered as both legitimate and trustworthy by other stakeholders

  • Strategy is applied equally across functions and priorities
  • Delivery is ethical in all respects and ethical delivery is monitored

Innovative policies and approaches are encouraged based on knowledge and risk analysis

  • Evidence based policy making is routinely practised
  • Constructive risk analysis takes place and at an appropriate level

Accountability is shared and distributed through governance arrangements that are open and transparent

  • Decision making is open and inclusive through shared accountability
  • Vertical accountability is transparent and applied for for each partner