Compass Leadership

Development of leaders and individuals takes place to support the transformation of the collective vision into reality

Standards and Behaviours

There is sufficient focus for individual members to reflect on their competence, skills and action and constructively challenge others

  • Leaders make time available for individual reflection
  • Evidence that the leadership climate welcomes 'constructive' challenge

Leaders pay regard to their own personal impact and development in transforming strategies and in building trust

  • Personal Impact assessment is actively encouraged
  • Evidence that internal trust is viewed positively and routinely nurtured

There is a commitment to the building of capacity and capability of partner organisations in transforming strategies through evidence based learning

  • Capacity and capability building takes place within and across organisations
  • Evidence Based Learning is applied to, and informed by, the workplace

Leaders activity encourage constructive dissent and challenge

  • Leaders encouage others to be confident in constructively disenting in seeking improvements
  • Constructive challenge is a regular feature of leadership styles

Individual members skills and behaviours are aligned with the aims of the vision and strategy of the organisation and its partners

  • Leaders take responsibility for aligning skills and behaviours
  • Mechanisms to align skills and behaviours exist at all appropriate levels