Compass Leadership

“The vision emphasises both shared and distributed outcomes based on the collective vision in creating and demonstrating increased value to the public”

Standards and Behaviours

Public confidence is assessed and action is taken to improve perceptions as assessed through satisfaction, trust and salience (importance) measures

  • Leaders take account of public perception as an outcome and pay regard to trust and confidence measures
  • Public confidence and trust measures are central to performance and can be traced through to delivery and impact in ensuring public value

The Performance Management Framework is based on Balanced Public Value Performance

  • There is an appropriate balance between corporate/national performance targets and client/community priorities
  • There is an increasing commitment to measure and assess client/community targets

Expressed Outcomes are Evidence-Based

  • Outcomes and their assessment are supported by Evidence
  • Strategic assessment gives due consideration to both qualitative and quantitative measures

Partnership leaders work together in identifying and monitoring outcomes

  • Leaders share information in relation to Outcomes
  • Partnership frameworks are totally integrated in relation to the outcomes supporting the partnerships aims