Compass Leadership

Leaders are flexible and adaptive in their response to changing conditions and are open and transparent in responding to conflicting views

Standards and Behaviours

Leaders make collective contributions to action plans

  • Leaders are proactive in contributing ideas
  • A Collective approach is taken in the design and implementation of actions

Leaders make time and space for tackling action priorities

  • Sufficient time is allocated for integrated problem solving
  • Leaders create space (whether virtual or physical) for integrated problem solving to take place

Leaders confront the brutal facts and encourage appropriate risk-taking

  • Leaders do not ‘shy away’ from difficult issues or decisions
  • A balanced approach to risk-taking is encouraged and a blame culture is proactively discouraged.

Leaders routinely monitor the patterns of presenting problems and responses

  • Leaders routinely collate and analyse the patterns presented by problem profiles
  • Leaders routinely respond to the appropriate gaps in presenting patterns and build on strengths.