Compass Leadership

There is a focus on the achievement of joint objectives and outcomes through shared action and activity which is both evidence and intelligence based

Standards and Behaviours

Tasking and coordination is devolved to the appropriate level whilst ensuring good links with the overall vision

  • Formal procedures exist for tasking and coordination
  • Tasking and coordination processes are aligned with the strategic vision

Leaders engage in integrated problem solving approaches that tackle wicked issues as well as routine problems

  • Problem solving approaches are routinely applied
  • There is a focus on developing innovative approaches rather than just rely on routine responses

Leaders share resources in delivering action plans

  • The sharing of resources is routinely considered
  • Resources are aligned to shared aims and priorities

Leaders are committed to sharing information and intelligence

  • Leaders routinely share information in tackling operational problems
  • Leaders routinely identify and use joint intelligence in tackling operational problems

Leaders create space for adaptive work

  • Leaders create either virtual or physical space for adaptive work
  • Leaders routinely encourage adpative and creative problem solving